Take out loans in Switzerland as a German

Anyone looking for credit providers on the Internet will encounter so-called Swiss loans time and time again in addition to well-known and less well-known online providers. And it is worthwhile here, especially for German citizens, to take a close look. Unlike loans from Cream banks, Swiss loan intermediaries are not obliged to contact Credit bureau before lending and to inquire whether there are concerns about a loan approval.

The same applies after the loan approval. Again, a Swiss loan is not reported to Credit bureau. In this respect, such a loan is also and especially interesting for people who may have had problems with lending in Germany in the past because they subsequently canceled a loan or noticed irregularities in payment of the installments.

Credit from Switzerland – for whom else?

Credit from Switzerland - for whom else?

Borrowers who only need a rather small loan amount and therefore want to keep their Credit bureau “clean” often turn to various online providers such as BonKredit to obtain a loan from Switzerland through them. However, bypassing Credit bureau does not mean that the Swiss are careless when it comes to granting loans. Rather, they are almost more accurate in financial matters than the well-known Swiss clockwork. In this respect, Swiss loans are not readily granted, but the applicant must meet certain requirements for the grant.

Credit from Switzerland – requirements

Credit from Switzerland - requirements

And here the loan differs significantly from the framework conditions of a consumer loan of Cream banks. Because the maximum age of an applicant is 55 years in East and 58 years in West Germany. What is much more important, however, is the fact that even a Swiss loan is not granted without collateral. For example, the borrower must have sufficient income from an open-ended employment relationship that has lasted for at least one year.

And there is another peculiarity of Swiss loans compared to the bank loans of German credit institutions. While the loan amount on the one hand and the term on the other hand are generally not subject to any restrictions, a Swiss loan always has a term of 40 months. In addition, the loan amount per applicant is limited to a maximum of $ 3,500, which also means that the spouse or life partner of the applicant can also apply for a Swiss loan if he fulfills the requirements for the grant.

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