Welcome to our How to bet (Jak obstawiać zakłady bukmacherskie) section, here we are going to show you a few things to consider when playing online.

Our guide to betting

The bookmaker is the best and for what reason? This may seem like a simple question, but the answer can vary for numerous reasons. Each and every bookmaker has their good and bad points, you need to find the balance that suits you.

This explains the types of things to look for when thinking about how to bet and choose a suitable bookmaker.

As a beginner, you will likely be looking for the following factors:

(Not in order of importance)

A well-known brand

Of course, well-known brands aren't always the best, but I prefer to put my money in an outfit that's been around for a while and I can trust it.

An easy to use interface

There is nothing worse than logging into a bookmaker's website and not being able to place a bet on the interface being slow to respond or difficult to navigate. Make sure that you try the website before you buy a hefty and also the mobile version when you place a bet.

The sports you like to bet on

That may sound silly, but not all bookmakers for all sports. Some are UK, some are going to European market. If you bet on soccer, make sure you have the bookmaker for soccer!

Generous welcome bonus

It's always nice to have a free bet and the bigger the giveaway, the better, right? Well, not always as you have to be careful of the terms and conditions for the freebie. Not a lot of point, a huge bonus that they don't resign. Make sure that you wager the items that are in the free.

Ongoing promotions

I look into the ongoing promotions and how generous they are. These ongoing promotions can really increase your betting. I often have the latest promotions on my sports betting blog, good idea to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Live streaming

I don't tend to use it as I bet live streaming mostly on sports that are on TV, but if you don't have sky or the sport isn't on TV, live streaming is a real plus.

Competitive advantages

You need a bookmaker who, over the course of the season, could get you hundreds if not thousands better with better odds. The bookmakers among all offer good odds.

Quick cash out wallet system

My winnings in a quick and timely fashion is one of my top priorities, bookmakers are not the banks, and I don't know how they make me out of interest.

Proactive customer service

When I have a problem I do that in a professional manner. May not all, but a quick response is greatly appreciated.

These are all great points and maybe some are more important than others if I wouldn't pay to a betting company with a bad reputation. You definitely don't want to wait for your winnings! I especially also look at the ongoing promotions, these offers are essential to promoting my profits and are the key to capitalizing on.