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22BET from TechSolutions Group NV in Curacao is something like the jack of all trades among online casinos, which has been at home in the casino and betting world since 2017 - all over the world.

22BET offers an almost unmanageable selection of the most varied games and game variants; Simply leafing through the different games is a full evening program. It doesn't want and doesn't want to end!

More than 1000 games from 88 game providers make up the 22BET program, including of course classic casino games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and the like, which are also available as live games, plus an almost infinite number of other game variants that revolve around a wide variety of topics: From excursions to ancient egypt to journey to the stars. And all of them are filled to the brim with plenty of fun and winning opportunities until you drop - and beyond!

If you can't find your absolute favorite game here, you just can't be from this world.

Virtual games

The 22BET range of virtual games, i.e. games in which you do not compete against human opponents, but instead take on the random generator and clever artificial intelligence, is - as already mentioned - almost unmanageable. If you want to forego the thrill that makes your skin tingle while playing live games, you've come to the right place. There is something for everyone, absolutely every taste, from virtual poker and roulette rounds to trips to antiquity to exploring the infinite vastness of space: what is not available at 22BET simply does not exist. Look forward to a variety of games that have been washed three times!


Show artificial intelligence what humans can do. And take a good deal of money from your algorithm comrades!

Live games

Anyone who appreciates the atmosphere of a real casino, likes to compete with others, is literally longing for the thrill that only a seat directly at the casino table offers, will find their Eldorado here. Whether roulette, blackjack, baccarat, dice games or anything else that a player's heart desires - 22BET provides you with a real casino atmosphere in your own four walls.


Of course, 22BET also comes up with a richly filled gift basket full of extras, for example a 100 percent first deposit bonus of up to € 300, weekly races, free games, Friday bonuses, weekly discounts and so on.

Practical: Since the 22BET range of games is immense, you have the option here to mark your favorite games as favorites.

Also practical: in the area on the left you can limit the game selection to your favorite providers -

Deposits and withdrawals

It makes no sense to list all 175 (!) Payment methods that 22BET offers you; everything is included, you can even opt for Bitcoin. Our usual payment methods include Visa, Maestro, cash deposits, crypto currencies, e-wallets and transfers; to name just a tiny selection.


22BET operates under license from the Curacao Gaming Authority, which always keeps a close eye on casino operations. So you can be sure that everything is going well here.

Customer service

At 22BET you speak almost any language. It would go beyond our scope to list all languages ​​here, so only a small selection that will probably interest you in Zimbabwe: German, English, French, Dutch, Polish ... From A to V, namely from Albanian to Vietnamese, everything is spoken here .

If you have a question, there is the right button at the bottom right of the picture: Ask a question. Simply click on it - you will be connected to a suitable contact person.

22BET experience



  • All-round provider for games and fun
  • Extremely large range of games
  • Countless AI and live games, many variants
  • AI and live games
  • Immense selection of deposit and withdrawal options
  • Numerous languages
  • The range of games can be restricted by provider
  • Favorite games can be marked as favorites


  • Extreme offer in which you can literally lose yourself, which quickly becomes very confusing if you don't limit the selection to certain game providers or use the favorites function.